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Method Ink Organizers


Using the Method slat wall system makes Displaying, Organizing and Storing ink a lot easier. These PVC slat walls are strong, durable and lightweight. Weighing in at only 725 gram per segment, they have a whopping 32 kg break strength making them easy to handle as well as install. They're also Water and Moisture resistant, making it ideal for your tattoo area. Our slat walls come in 4 sizes (32x37cm, 32x68cm, 32x98cm and 32x129cm) giving you a multitude of options to set up the perfect work station.

Water and moisture resistant
Seamless stacking
Strong and durable with 32 kg break strength
Easy to install

4 Sizes to choose from: 32cm x 37cm, 32xcm x 68cm, 32xcm x 98xm and 32cm x 129cm

Having problems finding that perfect palette?  Search no longer!  Method Ink Shelves are designed to organize your inks in a way in which you can see all of your colors at a glance.  Available in 1 (30ml), 2 (60ml) and 4oz. (125ml) sizes, the Method Ink Shelves fit seamlessly into our Slat walls  so that picking out a palette comes with ease.  Each shelf is 30 cm wide and vary in depth depending on which size shelf you select.

1oz Shelves hold 7 bottles, 2oz Shelves hold 7 bottles, 4oz Shelves hold 6 bottles

Measuring 12" x 6", these flat shelves were designed to fit seamlessly into our Slat Wall system.

Black PVC end cap to finish off the look of your new Method Slat Wall. Measures 32cm long.
One piece will cover one side of your slat wall. Each of our slat walls are 32cm high.

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Method Tattoo System - Slat Wall 37 cm

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Method Tattoo System - Slat Wall 68 cm

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Method Tattoo System - Slat Wall 98 cm

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Method Tattoo System - Slat Wall 129 cm (2 pieces)

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Method Tattoo System - Ink Shelves 1oz.

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Method Tattoo System - Ink Shelves 2oz.

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Method Tattoo System - Ink Shelves 4oz.

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Method Tattoo System - Solid Shelves

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Method Tattoo System - Slat Wall Edge Trim

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