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Silverback Stupid Black 4oz.

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Silverback Ink® Stupid Black is a strong, blacker than black shade of ink and is considered around the world to be the darkest all-purpose black ink ever developed.This is an excellent option for a wide range of uses, regardless of whether you’re looking for a fantastic, consistently dark healing black for lining or shading, or something else entirely. The ink is of course a high quality option, produced to the same exceptional standards that Silverback Ink® demand of all their products and it is of course a completely vegan friendly option, making it a great choice to have on hand, particularly if you do want to give your vegetarian and vegan customers the best possible solution to their specific requirements. This is deigned to be a no fuss ink, like all of the other greywash options supplied by Silverback Ink®. The entire range are fantastic, smooth, fast and even when applied to the skin, which helps to ensure those consistent results you’re looking for. 

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