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Easypiercing Antibacterial Solution

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Designed to disinfect the piercing, the Easypiercing® hygienic solution is designed to act quickly and effectively on a large number of bacteria. It is used preventively and allows sanitization of the skin and jewels when changing.

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How to use it?
Make sure that your piercing is clean and dry.
Spray a little Easypiercing® hygienic solution on your piercing and let it dry without rinsing.

Did you know?
The application of 70 ° or 90 ° alcohol is to be avoided on a piercing.
However, a hygienic solution with very low alcohol capacity is most effective because the alcohol in the solution increases the bactericidal activity of the antiseptic (CHLORHEXIDINE).

Attention: A hygienic solution should not be used abusively (more than 2 times a day) or for prolonged periods of time. Indeed, an excessive or frequent use can cause skin reactions such as a rash or itching. For prolonged uses, try the Easypiercing® Soft Cleansing Gel.

In accordance with the regulations on products intended for human hygiene, the Easypiercing® hygienic solution complies with BIOCIDE TPI under the registration No. 7327.